About Brazen

BRAZEN By RaqC is a lifestyle brand created by Radio/TV personality Raquel “RaqC” Cordova. The word BRAZEN means Bold, Shameless & Unapologetic! so it’s no surprise RaqC has created a brand with a mission to teach people to Live with no regrets and Be Brazen!

RaqC has always embodied the essence of what it means to Be BRAZEN and her charming and electrifying personality has touched the hearts of people all over the world. Whether you’ve seen her on TV, hosting a live event or heard her on the radio you know how contagious her personality really is. She originates from Riverside, CA and her radio career began in 2000 at U-92.7 in Palm Springs. She later transitioned to regional Mexican station, La Ley 107.9 in Chicago.  Her successful run in Chicago gave her the experience to master the art of radio as well as fine-tune her second language, Spanish as she continued her radio career in Los Angeles to enjoy a successful 8-year run with Latino 96.3fm. RaqC is known for being a pioneer is the “Spanglish” entertainment movement and has been coined “The Queen of Spanglish Media”.

Raq-C credits her free spirit as the inspiration to seize every opportunity that presents itself. She uses her celebrity exposure as an outlet to express her love, happiness, and ambitions with the masses. Her passions include music, representing Latino culture in a positive light, and sharing her stories of success to motivate others.

What are you waiting for? Join the BRAZEN movement today!